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I have hunted in Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, British Columbia…..I think Chris you do the most authentic and wild hunting. It has been an incredible experience and I hope to return soon.
— Jose Abait- Buenos Aires, Argentina
My expectations were fully met and Widrig Outfitters is to be recognized in that regard.
— Leon Bracamontes- Mexico City, Mexico
Great hunt. Outstanding area, lots of moose. Plan to return.
— Brian Priest- Perkasie, Pennsylvania USA
My buddy Dave and I have been on several hunts similar to the one with you. Your outfit was by far the best I have encountered.
— Barney Blastorah- Peterborough, Ontario Canada
Thanks a million for making my dreams come true.
— Randy Sandberg- Moses Lake, Washington USA
I really liked hunting with Ryan both on my last hunt and on this hunt. He is a very good guide. He always keeps his cool and has the ability to identify animals at long distances. He also knows how to successfully stalk them to get close and avoid long shots. Plus he cooks well and easily manages the horses.
— Barbara Solow- Monrovia, Maryland USA
Here are some pictures from our fantastic trip. You and the nature are on my mind, I hope to have the chance to come back one day.
— John Nielsen- Naestved, Denmark
Thank you for the hunt of a lifetime. The beauty of the country, excitement of the stalk, and the anticipation of the sheep coming into view was so fascinating. I have ran that through my mind so many times.
— Chuck Hayes- Toledo, Washington USA
Thanks for a great trip. Probably the best horses this non-rider has experienced.
— David Welbourne- Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada
This hunt was everything I dreamed about. You run a quality outfit.
— Bruce Smith- Tupper Lakes, New York USA
All in all it was a good trip. The guides were very comfortable to be with.
— Bruce Lytle- Chagrin Falls, Ohio USA
What really made this trip outstanding however, was the people, your hospitality, Leanne’s cooking, the other guides and clients in camp and most of all the work ethic and effort of Ryan and Dan.
— Jim Hladki- Lasalle, Ontario, Canada
Not just a hunt, so much more, an Adventure. Everyone was always working for my hunt. Thank you and your whole team.
— Ken Ulrikson, Fountain Hills, Arizona USA
More than pleased with my guide Dan. I would highly recommend Widrig Outfitters and its team.
— Don Boire- Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada


Enjoyed the sheep hunt you put together for me. That old ram I managed to tag was really an old bruiser and more than met my expectations. I have many fond memories of a great hunt.
— Art Dannenburg- McHenry, Illinois, USA
Chris, you did everything that could be asked of an outfitter/guide. I got to hunt sheep, not just shoot a ram. I would highly recommend anyone hunt with you.
— Greg Baker- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA
Great hunt, a hunt of a lifetime. I will recommend your outfit for anyone looking for an adventure and a hunt of a lifetime.
— Terry & Troy Radokowski- Junction City, Oregon USA
Thank you for everything, as I enjoyed and had a lot of luck on my hunt.
— Bernardo Llaguno Garza- Monterrey, Mexico
Thanks again for the hunt of a lifetime.
— Thainon Murphy- Grass Lakes, Michigan USA
Thanks again for a great trip and look at your absolutely spectacular part of the world.
— Jason Flower, Wodonga, Australia
Very nice experience!! Everything went very well! I was very lucky!!!
— Juan Garza- Monterrey, Mexico
Thank you and Chris for truly a wonderful trip. I couldn’t be happier and not just because of the great animals but really everything else that went into making a great experience.
— Ed Boyd- Brian Head, Utah USA
Had a fantastic hunt. I will be back.
— Mike Welch- Thurgoona, Australia
Always fun to meet hunters from around the world. As always, a great time.
— Dave Fenn- Curtis, Washington USA
Thanks again for everything, wonderful trip.
— Daniel St. Jean- Peers, Alberta Canada
Hardest working guide I ever had on close to 30 hunts in the north country. Ryan was great. Will be back to hunt again.
— Denis McClure- Beech Creek, Pennsylvania USA
I totally enjoyed my hunt and time at camp. Quality and quantity of game was very outstanding.
— Jan Shenberger- Brogue, Pennsylvania USA
Can`t say enough about you and your organization. Greg and I enjoyed an experience that we will
never forget.
— Dan Baker- Sharpsville, Pennsylvania USA
Thank you Chris for an exceptional hunting experience for my son Kyle and I.
— Kevin Hurley- Belgrade, Montana USA


I have been on many hunts in my 78 years. Our wilderness moose hunt with Widrig Outfitters was the greatest hunt I have ever had. The guides are the best in the Yukon.
— Jesse Lockhart- Barksdale, Texas USA
Thank you for an amazing experience. I had an awesome time.
— Jason & Aneeka Craig- Wellington, New Zealand
The hunt was truly a life time experience. Beautiful country and I hope to come back soon.
— Bruce Evjen- Holcombe, Wisconsin USA
I had a dream hunt!!!!!
— Don Olen- Falmouth, Maine USA
First I want to thank you for the awesome adventure I had on my sheep hunt last August. Dan was real good and I really enjoyed my trip with him. I can’t wait to go back for moose.
— Daniel St. Jean- Peers, Alberta, Canada
Thanks for a great wilderness and hunting experience.
— Jesse Lockhart, Barksdale, Texas USA
— Antoine Heunet- Huby, St. Leu, France
First of all, I would like to thank you for the awesome trip that Alejandra and I had with your outfit, we’ll never forget it.
— Carlos Morales- Guadalajara, Mexico
Thanks for a hell of an experience in the Yukon. I hope your next hunter had a great time also.
— Duane Brown- Auburn, Indiana, USA
Thanks again for a wonderful experience.
— Josh Carroll- Duluth, Georgia, USA
Thanks for a wonderful hunting trip, looking forward to seeing you again.
— Jens Mortensen- Skaelskor, Denmark


Great experience…….enjoyed the views, the habitat, and the people.
— Bob WinkelsSioux Falls, South Dakota USA
Excellent hunt. Guides were excellent. Unforgettable experience.
— Jim WrightShaunovan, Saskatchewan Canada
Terrific. Dan was great.
— Stephen WilesKansas City, Missouri USA
Had an awesome adventure!. Will highly recommend to anyone wanting an awesome moose.
— Russell BarngroverCharlotte, North Carolina USA
Being home again all these thousands of miles from Bonnet Plume Lake makes it look as if it never happened. I have to pinch myself. Thank you very much for the wonderful time with you, your wife and the guides.
— Gerhard WoestmannSteinfurt, Germany
We both remind each other of our superb trip to the Yukon, even if we did freeze our butts off the very last days….it was an extraordinary journey that we will never forget.
— Janina & Juerg SchneiderLavaltrie, Quebec, Canada
Just wanted to thank you for the great hunt this fall. You truly have a great area and people. Ryan will turn out to be a star. I would recommend your outfit anytime.
— Robert YoungBar Harbor, Maine USA
Hello, first we had a very good trip. The match with Myles and Myles was very good.
— Morten HalvorsenSkotselv, Norway
Thanks again for the hunt, it was very enjoyable. Jim and I had a great time and the boys treated us very well.
— Garry LaroseShaunovan, Saskatchewan Canada
Just a brief note to thank you for your company and for the care that you gave us during our time in the wilderness. When we came in we really did not know what to expect- it was all more amazing than we could have imagined- a true adventure! When we left, we all felt some emotion as we had the feeling of being part of the team!!
— Winston ChurchillArgyll, Scotland
I just wanted to send you a few pictures from our excellent adventure.
— Chris EppingNewcastle, Washington USA
Pictures of my Yukon grizzly bear. I am thrilled and feel lucky to have gotten this great trophy and to have experienced some of the wildest wilderness on the planet.
— Kevin CampSt. Albans, Vermont USA
Thank you for the great time, it was definitely the adventure of a lifetime. I was more out for the adventure than the trophy’s and I ended up with both! I am a very happy customer, you have a great team and I want you to thank all of them for me. There is no other place to go for Yukon moose than with you and your team.
— Joe HagedornClinton Township, Michigan USA
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