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2018 Newsletter.


Sipping coffee at 5 am, I effortlessly click the “post” button on my Face Book page. Within seconds, some of our 57,000 Face Book followers have another picture to admire. The awe-inspiring beauty of the Yukon wilderness is instantly transported throughout the digital world. Those who follow us know that we are committed to preserving the classic horseback hunting tradition. Non-motorized fair chase, means nothing comes easy! That said, the experience of long horse rides, nasty Arctic weather, sleeping on the ground in tents and grueling mountain climbs leave many of our hunters wanting to come back for more! Forty percent of our clients from this fall were repeats. They came from Sweden, Denmark, Argentina, Mexico, Canada and the U.S.A.

It was a season of extreme weather contrasts. August saw rain for twenty-seven of thirty-one days.  Fog and sometimes snow made dall sheep hunting a challenge.  During September a high pressure system dominated and moose hunters enjoyed sunny cold weather for the whole month. Harvest totals were; 8 dall sheep, 14 moose, 14 caribou and 3 grizzly.

Randy Sandberg was back for his final sheep hunt at age 66.  He went out with a “bang”, taking a heavy horned, first day ram that measured 41 ½”.

Walt Bentz took three animals in three day, a great caribou, moose and grizzly from our Rock Slide camp.

Barbara Solow had a real adventure.  She stalked a 35” ram all day over several mountains before delivering the perfect shot. Later she harvested a caribou and was bluff charged by a grizzly while riding back to camp. That evening she woke up to a growling sow grizzly and her cubs fighting over the caribou meat cached nearby. It took several rifle shots to wake up her tired guide, who immediately decided to pack everything up and move to a different spike camp.

Jim Cornelius harvested a huge moose, 66 ½” scoring 231 B & C. in thick willow near the Bonnet Plume River headwaters.

After hunting moose with us several times, Chuck Hayes decided to empty his “bucket list” and try for dall sheep at age 72. The end result was a fantastic 38” ram that was eleven years old.

Barney Blastorah and David Welbourne rode out to our Twin Lakes camp under clear blue skies. After a few days hunting they had taken 57 ½” and 66 ½” moose as well as two caribou.

Repeat hunter Kyle Kerstetter harvested a dark horned ram that was 37½”. He spent the remainder of the hunt trying to get close to a number of grizzly.

Bow hunter Sam Bradley called a rutting moose to within 20 yards. Although the arrow appeared to be a good hit, the 60” bull was eventually dispatched with a rifle.

New York hunter Bruce Smith was successful with a 7 ft grizzly and nice caribou. A highlight of this hunt was watching another grizzly take a bath during a hot afternoon and glassing a group of wolf pups eating blueberries.

Leon Bracamontes from Mexico City, took a 37” ram as well as a great caribou in very wet conditions.

Danish hunter John Nielsen harvested a 63” moose and excellent caribou with veteran guide Phil Smith. He also had a good opportunity for grizzly.

Mauro Canela was back again after a successful moose hunt in 2017.  Opening day he scored with an ancient broomed ram and later a nice caribou in velvet.

Don Boire participated in one of our many successful combo hunts harvesting a 61” moose as well as a trophy caribou.

Staff continuity is essential to our business success. Our guides were; Chris Widrig (33rd season), Phil Smith (7th season), Ryan Widrig (6th season), Gerald Bahm (6th season), Dan Morner (5th season), and Alex Rohling (3rd season). Returning wranglers were Hunter Dyck, Dan Gunton and Dale Studley. Renowned base camp cook Lea Ann Dorval was back for here 7th season and my wife Joanne coordinated all the expediting here in Whitehorse. 

After 33 seasons our trips are in high demand and hunters need to secure their desired openings well in advance. We have only a few spots left for the 2020 season and are actively booking for 2021.

Joanne and I are now off to South America for a brief post season getaway, looking for the Tango, quality Malbec and hiking in the Andes.  Contact us anytime if you wish to discuss a future hunt!

Chris Widrig

867-333-9660 (cell)

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