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Yukon Moose Hunt 2017

Cacería de alce en Yukón
Story By: Carlos Ries Centeno
Vida Salvaje

Australian Deer Hunters Association

VOLUME 27 NUMBER December 2017
Sambar’s Roar


Hunting the Great North

Story By: Dave Fenn
Mountain Hunter – Fall 2016

The King’s Castle

Cacería de alce en Yukón
Story By: Scott Ungar
Mountain Hunter – Fall 2014


Episode 93: Yukon Outfitter Chris Widrig

My Yukon Life: Podcast Radio
June 2013

Dall sheep en Yukón, Canada 2010

Operación Retorno
Story By: Guillermo H Bolletta
SAFARI SUR – Nº 56 – Diciembre 2011


Where The Hogs Are

Story By: Glen McFadden
A Tribute to a Native Guide
Mountain Hunter – Winter 2012

A Kiwi in the Yukon

Story By: Blake Abernathy
NZ Hunter
December 2011/January 2012


Yukon’s Hvilde Guld (Danish)

Story By: Jens Kjaer Knudsen
Safarimagasinet Trofae
April 2012

White Gold on the Klondike

Story By: Scott Verdin
Mountain Hunter Magazine
Fall 2011


Un Alce en Yukón, Canadá

Guillermo Horacio Bolletta
Septiembre 2011

Yukon Gold

Story By: Ed Salisbury
Mountain Hunter Magazine
Winter 2008



Story By: Paul A. Brisso
F.N.A.W.S Magazine
Summer 2006 issue

First Day Moose, Last Day Moose

Story By: Chap Pung
Big Game Adventures Magazine
September 2005


Bear Attack

Story By: Chris Widrig
From the book Of Man and Beast
Edited by Manfred Hoefs
Copyright 2004

Whiter than Driven Snow

Story By: Jesus Yuren
Song of the Summits
Published by Safari Press in Limited Edition


The Yukon Hunt

Story By: C Winkler
Wild Sheep Magazine
Summer 1999

Widrig’s Story

Story By: G. Calef
Big Game Adventures Magazine
Summer 2000


Into the Wilderness of Yukon’s Bonnet Plume for Grizzly and Giant Moose

Story By: Greg Kushnak
Fair Chase Magazine
Winter 1999

Double Header

Story By: Jerry Mason
Fair Chase Magazine
Winter 1996


Journal of a Moose Hunt

Story By: Mike Lamade
Bow Hunter Magazine
Feb/March 1992


Story By: Paul Height
New Mexico Bowhunter
Feb/March 1992


Yukon Bowhunt

Story by: Stan Rauch
New Mexico Bowhunter
December 1990

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